LAGOS was founded in Philadelphia in 1977 by master jeweler, Steven Lagos. The brand pioneered a new category of jewelry, making fine jewelry accessible and wearable for all occasions. Through the unmistakable signature design of Caviar, LAGOS conveys a vision of bold femininity, and inspires women to create their own signature looks: MY LAGOS MY WAY.

Steven Lagos, designer and master jeweler, founded LAGOS in 1977 in Philadelphia. He draws his design inspiration from the effortless style of the LAGOS woman as well as the art, culture and sights from his frequent travels abroad. His values are integrity, strength and smart. These values define the culture of the company and are represented in every piece of jewelry he designs. Steven also believes that jewelry is the most personal form of art you can own.

Caviar is the signature design of LAGOS, featuring handcrafted, luminous beading that is present on every piece in every collection. Caviar beaded links are hand strung and crafted in ateliers by artisan jewelers. It takes hundreds of steps and a keen eye to complete a single Caviar creation. The unique texture of Caviar is a feat of expert craftsmanship and engineering. The innovative design is comfortable, wearable and moves with her like a second skin

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