Whitehouse Brothers

Whitehouse Brothers was founded in 1898 by Joseph C. and William H. Whitehouse. The brothers quickly developed a reputation for manufacturing finely designed and handcrafted Platinum jewelry.
By the early 1920s, Whitehouse Brothers had grown to become the largest jewelry manufacturer in America, employing more than 100 craftsmen. Among those employed were designers of precious metal jewelry, as well as classically trained sculptors and painters.
After World War I, Whitehouse Brothers offered to undertake the training of wounded soldiers returning from combat. The veterans were trained in the manufacturing of jewelry for six months so they could find new work in the industrial world. Many of the trained veterans became employees of Whitehouse Brothers for years to come. Being a seated profession, becoming a jeweler was a perfect fit for wounded soldiers looking for steady well paying work.
As has always been the tradition, everything at Whitehouse Brothers is manufactured by our workers in the United States — nothing is ever outsourced. We use 100% recycled metal and responsibly sourced diamonds as a staple of our manufacturing
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