When translated from Italian to English, the word “caro” means beloved. Express your love to your beloved with the extraordinary Caro74 diamond.

What differentiates the Caro74 round brilliant diamond from common 58 faceted diamonds is the cut; the Caro74 diamond features an additional 16 facets on the pavilion (the lower half of the diamond). The result is additional sparkle, fire and brilliance which is proven and certified by an independent GemEx laboratory light performance report.

The GemEx report clearly illustrates the higher light performance, as well as showing a comparison between the Caro74 and a common 58 faceted diamond. In addition to the GemEx report, all Caro74 diamonds are accompanied by a GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certificate which certifies it for color and clarity. Additionally, each Caro74 diamond is laser inscribed on the outer edge with a unique serial number and Caro74 logo for additional identification purposes.

All Caro74 engagement rings contain platinum heads, where available, and custom fit matching wedding bands. All Caro74 engagement rings and matching bands have a cutting edge Euro shank design to prevent the rings from spinning or slipping on the finger.

Why choose the ordinary, when you can own the extraordinary? Experience the 74 Facets of Love with the Caro74 loose diamond, bridal, and jewelry collections.

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